Water Cube SPA 水立方SPA館
設計理念 Concept



Living in a hypercompetitive environment, we are enforced to receive too much information at a rapid pace. The repeated input and rearrangement in our brain cause pressure not only in body but in mind. Thus, we desire to ease away tension and leave our body and mind feeling thoroughly refreshed. Water Cube SPA has been designed to provide an oasis of calm in the city for guests to renew themselves in mind, body and spirit. With deep sleep, set our body and mind free without being tied by time and space.

Two handmade 15 meter long luxury lights hung down to B2 from ground floor leads to the entrance of Water Cube SPA. Antiques collected by the owner display in the lobby. The atmosphere fusing the traditional and contemporary elements brings us a cultural feast of Shanghai. Walking through the Zen-feeling aisle, lying down and touching the earth relieve all the pressure so that we are filled with harmony and happiness. Relax and rejuvenate while enjoying the music with a cup of tea.