Jingdu Club House 晶都會館
設計理念 Concept



This project is to undertake the idea of our client, Mr. Shiao, to combine his crystal career with the houses and land lay unused in his hometown. Located in Shueili-Li Hsien, Nan-Tou county, the area for Jingdu Club House is about 1900 ㎡ which includes one new constructed house, and two old houses for renewal. The owner is deeply interested in the Buddhism and Zen, so the main focus of the design is to merge Zen into the nature landscape. This project site is surrounded by mountains; to its eastern side, the Yushan peak is in the far distance; the Juo-Hsuei Creek flows down the southern side. There’s a huge central region planted with fruit trees. This project puts an emphasis on the simple and plain style in terms of Chinese Zen-feeling. The natural materials, such as timbers, thatches, and smoked bamboos, have been integrated into the light, with the water and the plantations in order to inspire the consciousness of Zen in one’s heart when viewing the landscape. The design methods of pattern language are manipulated in three categories: 1. the landscape space; 2. the building exterior; and 3. the interior space. Being surrounded by the nature landscape. The pattern language of design concept describes 30 design qualified patterns to realize the criteria of working details. The concept of this project is derived from the Zen in daily life, thus the house space has been created with the facility essence.

The Zen-feeling space of this project displays the intuition of Zen, not with the completely abstract consciousness, but with the happiness and inspiration of Zen created from viewing the nature landscape. In China, the display of Zen in Confucianism is being touched and inspired by the nature landscape and developing an abundant spirit in the real life. Specifically, the ultimate concerns of this project are to preserve the beautiful nature in the project site and create the subtle intuition derived from carefully dealing in the characters of the natural materials.